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Overview of the PeRut project (Updated 30 January 2017)
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What is PeRut ?

PeRut is a community-based project to create and freely distribute GPS maps of Perú.

How do I load the maps onto my Garmin GPS ?

The simple method: If you have a Garmin GPS, just right click on this link to save the gmapsupp.img file onto your computer. Then connect your GPS to your computer and save the file in the /Garmin/ folder on your GPS (for newer models create the /Map/ folder on your GPS and load the file there). Then disconnect your GPS from your computer and turn on your GPS. That's all!

The complete method: please refer to the complete Windows or the complete Mac method below, as appropriate.

How do I know if the PeRut maps are correctly loaded onto my GPS ?

Start your GPS and go to Tools > Settings > Map > Info. You should see PeRut listed and checked:

PeRut on GPSmap276c

How good are the maps ?

In most places, the quality of the PeRut maps is superior to the commercially available options. We will let one of the users on ExpatPeru share his opinion: "A brief review of version 3.40: Like its predecessors, this map totally kicks ass. It's more accurate and reliable than Google Maps. And it's surprising just how often it could find the most efficient way to negotiate the maze-like "zona urbanas" of Perú no matter how far off the grid you think you are. Kudos to for its amazing work."

Why do you do this ?

We believe that this is an immensely valuable project that allows us to apply modern technology to help raise the standard of living in Perú. Plus, we enjoy it.

Who are you ?

Project manager IvoSan and webmaster Kike_GL work with over 7000 PeRut members.

PeRut also works with similar projects in other countries, including: Argentina (Proyecto Mapear), Brasil (TrackSorce), Central America (CenRut), Colombia (ColRut), Ecuador (Proyecto Ecuador) and Venezuela (VenRut).

How do you finance all this ?

The cash required for the project (software, hosting, etc) is generously provided by donors. If you want to make a donation via paypal you can enter here.

If you liked this Perú Ruteable map please consider donating some money to help us continue to develop it.

How can I help ?

Send your waypoints! If you want to be a real hero, you can also send tracks of roads and trails !

The complete method por WINDOWS user:

You need to install the free Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp program to see the PeRut maps on your computer. If you already have MapSource or BaseCamp, you can skip to step 3.
  1. Prepara.bat (If using Win7, save to your desktop then Right Click > Run as Administrator)
  2. Garmin MapSource an exe file.
  3. PeRut route map 2017-01 an exe file por Windows.

To download the Topographic installer for MapSource or BaseCamp on Windows, please click here:

Note: If you want the Topographic map and PeRut on your GPS (for hiking or offroad, for example), be sure to load both onto to your GPS at the same time.

The complete method por MAC user:

Yes, here is PeRut map for MAC users. You need to install the Garmin MapManager and RoadTrip or BaseCamp for MAC.

  1. Install software Garmin RoadTrip or BaseCamp
  2. Install software Garmin MapInstall y MapManager v4.1.1 del 17-SET-2014
  3. Download map gmapi and click install.

Note: Now we have a:

GPS on your mobile phone ?

You have an iPhone or iPad ?

  1. You need to install Garmin StreetPilot OnBoard for iPhone. Look Apple AppStore.
  2. Download gmapsupp.img file onto your computer an rename the file to gmapprom1.img.
  3. Then connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer and copy the file in the /Apps/com.garmin.onboard.Usa/storage-usa/.System folder on your iPhone/iPad.
  4. Then disconnect your iPhone/iPad from your computer and turn on your iPhone/iPad. That's all !

What if I have additional questions ?

Please feel free to post questions in the forum, and we will be happy to help !

Some link that does not work for you ?

Try this alternative server. There you will also find other complementary maps available.

Have you had any press coverage ?

A little, but please help us get more press coverage of the project:

Feel free to drop me an email:David KrauseWashington, DCdavid(at)perut(dot)org